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México exportador de: smart TV al Reino de los Países Bajos

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dc.contributor.author Cepero Coronel, Kimberly Yaren
dc.contributor.author Salgado Ángeles, Diana Gabriela
dc.date.accessioned 2019-02-20T16:34:55Z
dc.date.available 2019-02-20T16:34:55Z
dc.date.created 2018-05
dc.date.issued 2019-02-15
dc.identifier.citation Cepero Coronel, Kimberly Yaren. y Salgado Ángeles, Diana Gabriela, (2018). México exportador de: smart TV al Reino de los Países Bajos (Técnico en Comercio Internacional). Instituto Politécnico Nacional, Centro de Estudios Científicos y Tecnológicos, No. 5, “Benito Juárez”, México. es
dc.identifier.uri http://hdl.handle.net/123456789/26669
dc.description Tesis (Técnico en Comercio Internacional), Instituto Politécnico Nacional, CECyT, No. 5, “Benito Juárez”, 2018, 1 archivo PDF, (276 páginas). tesis.ipn.mx es
dc.description.abstract ABSTRACT: The purpose of this project has been made to determine the viability in an export operation of Smart TVs to Netherlands in the year 2018, with the aim of satisfying the market goal that product. This thesis develops ten chapters, which is planned based on reliable data and research details from the development of a smart TV and a logo to the requirements to be able to be exported. The problem, in particular the why it is feasible to export our TV’s to Netherlands, and by means of a justification of the study discusses the general and specific objectives of the project. Market research, evaluates the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of the company as well as the planning of the process by which declares the vision, mission and values of a company, hitch analyses is its internal and external situation, sets out its long-term objectives, and strategies that enable to achieve these objectives are formulated. The development of the brand, slogan, label, design, packaging, packing among other aspects raised they will be useful in future parameters for regulation or characteristics that the product, which will be essential in the operation of export. The product strategy is one of most important chapters in thesis, derives from the logistics. Logistics focuses on products and services where required at the right time. For this reason, develops logistics value proposition. After traditional business functions that are combined to create the logistics process are reviewed. Finally, it’s highlights the importance of logistics timing for the integration of a supply chain in terms of structure and the dynamics of the performance cycle. The distribution channel represents an interactive system that involves all the components of it: manufacturer, intermediary and consumer. The incoterm allows determining the degrees of responsibility that the operation lacks for both the exporter and the importer. Advertising and public relations in Chapter Seven exert great power in marketing, mainly because it encompasses all the actions of a company independent of its sector. Smart TVs are included in the Mexico-European Union Free Trade Agreement. In the case of the tariff used for Smart TVs, it’s the specific tariff, therefore, it will be expressed according to the average unit of the merchandise. The documents and formalities necessary for the export operation are expressed in this thesis, as well as the type of governmental and non-governmental support that was necessary to carry out this work. To determine the price of the screens it was necessary to make a general table of everything that was required in the company to reach an export. The international fairs were an important part of achieving a positioning and knowledge of the product at an international level, as well as the correct channeling of a stand where the product will be exhibited in detail for possible purchases or orders. es
dc.language.iso es es
dc.subject exportación es
dc.title México exportador de: smart TV al Reino de los Países Bajos es
dc.contributor.advisor Flores Lara, José Luis

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