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México exportador de autos eléctricos al reino de los países bajos

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dc.contributor.author Trujillo Vidal, Saúl Eduardo
dc.date.accessioned 2021-06-23T15:16:15Z
dc.date.available 2021-06-23T15:16:15Z
dc.date.created 2020-05-30
dc.date.issued 2021-06-11
dc.identifier.citation Trujillo Vidal, Saúl Eduardo. (2020). México exportador de autos eléctricos al reino de los países bajos. (Técnico en Comercio Internacional). Instituto Politécnico Nacional, Centro de Estudios Científicos y Tecnológicos, No. 5, “Benito Juárez”, México. es
dc.identifier.uri http://tesis.ipn.mx/handle/123456789/28982
dc.description Tesis (Técnico en Comercio Internacional), Instituto Politécnico Nacional, CECyT, No. 5, “Benito Juárez”, 2020, 1 archivo PDF, (266 páginas). tesis.ipn.mx es
dc.description.abstract ABSTRACT: Start the elaboration of this thesis tube that will investigate a product of manufacture and the country of destination; choosing the product was not easy, since it had to be something innovative and change the world in the following years. I started to investigate environmental pollution, I discovered that Holland is getting renewable energy and I found out that electric cars have a very high growth rate in that country, since Holland is a country that takes great care of its environment, to the extent that they are developing a law that prohibits the sale of combustion cars. Once I had the product and the country began to develop my thesis on electric cars, also on the country, in chapter one I talk about the country's problem and the objectives to be met when exporting electric cars. In chapter two I talk about globalization, economic blocks, international treaties, also about how these help in international realizations between countries to facilitate the export and importation of products without having to go through so many tariff barriers and can reach the final consumer . In chapter three I talk about how it is produced, its history, its consumption worldwide and its consumption in the country of destination. In chapter four I talk about potential markets, internal and external factors, a SWOT analysis was carried out to find out the strengths, opportunities, weaknesses and threats that the company has, also about the competition that the product will have with the other companies that manufacture and They sell electric cars. In chapter five I talk about labels and logos, I also make the company logo and the slogan, why I use those colors and the company logo, why each color. To finish the thesis in chapter ten I talk about the international fair for them to attend and why to participate in them, also about the different types of stand, I also talk about the material that I will use at the fair and the design of the stand inside the fair. es
dc.language.iso es es
dc.subject Autos eléctricos es
dc.subject Reino de los países bajos de la unión Europea es
dc.subject VIDALELECTRIC es
dc.title México exportador de autos eléctricos al reino de los países bajos es
dc.contributor.advisor Flores Lara, José Luis

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